Making Free Money: SwagBucks Payment Proof

Friday, July 29, 2011

SwagBucks Payment Proof

     This is my first blog post in over a year because I took a break from making free money for some reason I've since forgotten.  But I'm back with a new website that returned me to the game of getting cash from home.  It's SwagBucks, a seemingly popular website that I hadn't ever heard of before.  The basis of SwagBucks is that you use their search engine just like you would Google or Yahoo, but you actually get paid "Swag Bucks" occasionally for your searches.
     To give you an idea of what this site is worth, each Swag Buck is worth a little more than a penny.  Any given search can yield between 6 and 12 swagbucks, and each Friday the award amounts double; every few minutes a lucky user will even win a jackpot search worth 50 swagbucks.  SwagBucks used to be only a search engine but has since expanded into a complete GPT website filled with tons of ways to earn bucks.  You can watch hundreds of videos for swagbucks, play games for swagbucks, complete offers for swagbucks, vote in a daily poll for swagbucks, click through a "No Obligation Special Offer" for swagbucks, use coupons for swagbucks, invite your friends for swagbucks, trade in electronics for swagbucks, take surveys for swagbucks, and even get swagbucks for logging in with a toolbar each day.  Is that enough swagbucks for you??  I can't even go into detail on each way of earning money with this website because that would be like writing a book.  Just trust me that there are more ways than you can handle. 
     SwagBucks uses their 'bucks' system instead of cash values because their 'cashing out' consists of trading in your points for rewards in the swagstore.  These range in price from five swagbucks to tens of thousands of swagbucks, from digital pictures to full-blown home theater systems.  Any Swaggernaut (as we are called) will tell you that the best deal is to purchase Amazon gift cards with your swagbucks.  Amazon gift cards can be used for just about anything and a $5 card can be redeemed for just 450 swagbucks, whereas a PayPal card is around 550.  I was able to win an Amazon card in around 3 weeks with little effort and received the code in under two weeks.  I am already half way to my second card with zero referrals.
     My biggest tip for earning swagbucks is to actually use the search function.  Download the toolbar and simply use SwagBucks instead of Google so you can get paid for your searches.  Then do the daily things like the poll, special offers, and so forth.  If you have any questions feel free to comment.  I definitely recommend SwagBucks to any free-money makers.  It is by far one of the fastest sites in terms of reaching a good amount of money and I wish you the best of luck with your searches.  P.S. Be on the lookout for Swag Codes, which can be worth 5 to 15 swagbucks.  Follow SwagBucks on Facebook and Twitter and friend SwagBucks Tricks on Facebook to be updated every time there is a code out, which is an average of once a day.
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  1. Well thats a nice and easy thing. But are the search results approximately same as google or is it different. Otherwise it would be a wastage of time.

  2. I've heard that the results are a mix between and They seem pretty standard and normal. I don't think they're a waste of time at all. Even if they were the same exact results, you are getting paid for it. Sometimes I can't find what I want searching SwagBucks, so then I head over to the real Google for important things.

  3. I love swagbucks, I didn't download the toolbar but it still works well.


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