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Friday, July 29, 2011

SwagBucks Payment Proof

     This is my first blog post in over a year because I took a break from making free money for some reason I've since forgotten.  But I'm back with a new website that returned me to the game of getting cash from home.  It's SwagBucks, a seemingly popular website that I hadn't ever heard of before.  The basis of SwagBucks is that you use their search engine just like you would Google or Yahoo, but you actually get paid "Swag Bucks" occasionally for your searches.
     To give you an idea of what this site is worth, each Swag Buck is worth a little more than a penny.  Any given search can yield between 6 and 12 swagbucks, and each Friday the award amounts double; every few minutes a lucky user will even win a jackpot search worth 50 swagbucks.  SwagBucks used to be only a search engine but has since expanded into a complete GPT website filled with tons of ways to earn bucks.  You can watch hundreds of videos for swagbucks, play games for swagbucks, complete offers for swagbucks, vote in a daily poll for swagbucks, click through a "No Obligation Special Offer" for swagbucks, use coupons for swagbucks, invite your friends for swagbucks, trade in electronics for swagbucks, take surveys for swagbucks, and even get swagbucks for logging in with a toolbar each day.  Is that enough swagbucks for you??  I can't even go into detail on each way of earning money with this website because that would be like writing a book.  Just trust me that there are more ways than you can handle. 
     SwagBucks uses their 'bucks' system instead of cash values because their 'cashing out' consists of trading in your points for rewards in the swagstore.  These range in price from five swagbucks to tens of thousands of swagbucks, from digital pictures to full-blown home theater systems.  Any Swaggernaut (as we are called) will tell you that the best deal is to purchase Amazon gift cards with your swagbucks.  Amazon gift cards can be used for just about anything and a $5 card can be redeemed for just 450 swagbucks, whereas a PayPal card is around 550.  I was able to win an Amazon card in around 3 weeks with little effort and received the code in under two weeks.  I am already half way to my second card with zero referrals.
     My biggest tip for earning swagbucks is to actually use the search function.  Download the toolbar and simply use SwagBucks instead of Google so you can get paid for your searches.  Then do the daily things like the poll, special offers, and so forth.  If you have any questions feel free to comment.  I definitely recommend SwagBucks to any free-money makers.  It is by far one of the fastest sites in terms of reaching a good amount of money and I wish you the best of luck with your searches.  P.S. Be on the lookout for Swag Codes, which can be worth 5 to 15 swagbucks.  Follow SwagBucks on Facebook and Twitter and friend SwagBucks Tricks on Facebook to be updated every time there is a code out, which is an average of once a day.
Search & Win

Monday, March 1, 2010

GPT CashCow (Payment Proof)


    WARNING:  GPT CashCow is currently "down" and although it says that it is temporary it has not changed in a while.  I am sorry that this great site isn't up and running but you can read this review anyway.  As an alternative of course, you can check out the other websites I have reviewed and posted payment proofs for.  Thanks for visiting.  END WARNING Good evening, Internet. I am deeply sorry for my lack of posting in the month of February. I suffer from chronic laziness, but I hope you will continue to read my articles and learn how to make some money.  I have a little catching up to do, so I'll start with my latest payment from GPT CashCowGPTCashCow is another of those smaller, friendlier sites, but has such a professional flair to it.  The website is very organized and user friendly, and looks like someone really takes care of it.
     GPTCashCow has tons of high-paying and high-crediting offers, along with one of the greatest PTC sections in the GPT world.  I personally only use the PTC section to make my money.  The regular Paid to Click page has three pages of good PTCs, many of which are worth a whole $0.01 and take 10 seconds to view.  Separate from the PTCs are the Daily Clicks.  There are only 23 of those right now, but the number is always fluctuating.  Daily Clicks are mostly worth $0.01, but can sometimes get up to $0.03.  Sometimes I don't see the point in PTC-only websites when a GPT site just like this will pay you more for clicks, require less money to cashout, and give you different ways to earn money.
     GPTCashCow is also one of those places where the community is really obvious.  The Shoutbox is always in use by several regular members and several moderators talking about just about everything under the sun.  The right-hand side panel shows all the offers that users complete second-by-second.  The Admin, Reagan, is hardworking and helpful whenever you need a question answered and he is also the Admin for another site I just got paid by (review coming soon!).
     GPTCashCow has 5 levels of Referrals, starting at  20% earnings, I believe.  I don't have a single referral but still make plenty of money.  The cashout minimum here is a very small $5 to your PayPal account, $10 by check or money order, or one of the many giftcard options.  All these amounts are nothing compared to what can be made here.  There are tons of contests going on, and lots of friendly competition between members.  Get in there and turn GPTCashCow into your real CashCow!  You get paid $0.01 each day just for signing in!  Enjoy your free money!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TrekPay (Payment Proof)

WARNING: TrekPay doesn't really exist anymore even though they still have their website up.  Thank you all who signed up under my referral link, but I am sorry to say that no one should sign up for this site anymore because it is officially dead.  I did get payment and it once was a good site, but it is no longer.  This post will stay on the blog because it is a gateway for Google searchers to find my website and learn of other ways to earn free cash.  The following is old...
     Good Evening, money-makers.  One of the most searched websites in recent times has been the advertising company TrekPay (or TrekAdvertising), and I have finally received payment from it!  Many new members are very skeptical to this site, mainly because they feel they are not earning hardly a penny.  I feel the pain of those people, as being at the bottom of the rankings makes your earnings seem like a scam.  I am living proof that TrekPay is not a scam.
     The secret to making money at TrekPay, as I explained in my first review, is to increase your ranking on the member roster. The more websites you click and visit and the more people you refer, the higher you rank, and the higher your cut of the payment.  This site is only for dedicated money-makers.  If you only sign on once every few days, you will be at the lowest end of the list of the current 106,539 members.  You are only going to make a few cents each week if you aren't willing to be on here everyday.

     The payout minimum on TrekPay is $5.50.  After much hard work and lots of clicks, I finally reached the minimum and was able to cashout with $5.84.  After two weeks' review, Trek delivered the money on the exact day they promised.  I will continue to use TrekPay, ever trying to bring my rank up from my present #194Rank is important!  If there is one thing you need to know, it is that you need to stay active in order to make money that is worth any of your time.  Once again, guys, I've gotten a payment from a Free website, and I can officially answer the question, "Is TrekPay a scam?," with a "No."  Thanks for listening, and enjoy your free money.  Leave your comments and feedback!  What rank are you??  ; )

P.S.  A new feature on here is "Reactions."  There are two options below, and you can select whether you are a little skeptical of what I was talking about, or whether it sounds good.  Feel free to vote!  It won't say who you are.  Thanks.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Proof of Payment List

     Good Day, Money-Makers. As I join more and more sites and get more and more money, I figured it would be in everyone's best interest to keep an organized list of my payments. Now on the right side of this website, there is a list entitled "Payments Received," which has links to my proof of payment from each site I use. These links will be in order of when I received the money, and as the list grows I will limit it to the most recent payments. At the top of the list will be a link to a PhotoBucket album with the entire collection of payments.
     After each site name on the list will be a number. There is a number two after MakeThatDollar and DollarClickorSignup because I have gotten two payments from each of those.  It is most likely not worth your or my time to make posts commenting on the one or two bucks I made at a site that I received a payment from just a few weeks ago. Unimportant things like those will be added to the list instead. 
     Thanks for listening!  Speaking of payments, I am expecting a few in the first week of February.  Because many GPT sites pay Net 30 (payout is given 30 days after end of the month you requested it), some payments will be few and far between.  I will always keep you up to date.  Enjoy your free money and subscribe here or below my profile info to learn about new ways to make money.  Thanks and leave a comment!  :  )

Monday, January 4, 2010

DollarClickorSignUp (Payment Proof)

     Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a safe New Years.  I've received yet another payment just in time for 2010, this one from a homely site I joined December 5th.  DollarClickorSignup is one of those small sites that you may not have heard of.  It has 3,142 members at this moment, and I can assure you 99% of them are glad they joined DCOS.
     This website is extremely personable, unlike larger GPT corporations.  Lora Sipple, the administrator, sends out at least one or two messages everyday telling everyone what's going on with the site.  She is always free to answer questions and other admin and users are always on the site's own forum.  You will certainly feel at home at DollarClickorSignup.
     Before joining DCOS, I had only been a part of large GPT sites and companies with much more professional responsibility and business attitude.  What those sites lack are fun and various offers.  DCOS has a total of 848 offers at this moment worth $201 and 1870.35 clickit coins (DCOS's unique rewards currency).  The majority of those offers are simply entering your email address or signing up for another small GPT site.  Because so many can be done in a small amount of time, the sign up section is very satisfying.  These offers get credited fast, too. You can even earn money for participating in trivia quizzes and flash games.
     DollarClickorSignup has a great PTC section as well. The Daily Clicks section has around 62 clicks worth $.01 each as well as a regular PTC section.  There are always contests going on for clicks.  For example, December had promos such as every 50 clicks = extra 10 cents and every 100 clicks = 50 clickit coins.  Clickit coins have a monetary value of about one cent each, but are only used to buy gift cards, referrals, and jackpot tickets.  Lora says she'll try to find a gift card for any business if the amount is over $5 (500 clickit coins).
     Referrals can be bought for 700 clickit coins or earned normally as with every other site.  Referral earnings are a whopping 100%!  Below is my payment proof of $14.19 and I have another 95 cents in my account right now.  I earned my referral $15.14!  I'll post a banner below that will keep you up to date on my earnings at DollarClickorSignup
     Payouts here are twice monthly, so try to get in right in time to make your first dollar.  The payout minimum is just that measly $1.00.  I don't know how you couldn't make that.  Thanks for listening and please please please leave comments and ask questions.  Enjoy your free money!
     P.S.  You can get paid for writing reviews.

Proof of payment for DollarClickorSignup- $14.19

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

FusionCash (Payment Proof)

Free Money at FusionCash!

     Merry Christmas and Happy (other) Holidays, everyone!  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and New Year.  Speaking of Christmas, I just received my first Christmas present for 2009.  Just this monday I received my first check from FusionCash!  I'll post the check a little further down.
     What I failed to mention for my first FusionCash Review was that FusionCash is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, receiving a grade of A+ as you can see by the BBB Review here.  I am very pleased with FusionCash, and they have done all that they have promised to do, as you will see by my check for $46.85.
     FC is currently giving out some sweet bonuses. As I said in my first review, I get $3 for every month that I post 30 posts in the FusionCash forum of my choice.  By becoming a fan on FaceBook, a member can earn an extra dollar, and by posting proof of your payment in this thread, you will get yourself even a dollar more.  A new promo type has been added, one which I am very excited about; FC now offers cash bonuses for playing games. Just a few weeks ago, FC announced that you would receive a $1 bonus by getting a score of 2000 or more on Textris 2 (identical to the original Tetris), which is very simple to do. Immediately after playing the game I received my money and FusionCash promises to update the promotion with new games every so often.  Hurray!
     If you haven't signed up for FusionCash yet, I highly encourage you to do so now!  There couldn't be a better time to join a GPT site with such exceptional quality.  I can't wait to cash my check and use it for those last minute gifts.  I earned this money without a single referral, and I only spent money on one offer (buying business cards for 5 dollars and getting 4 dollars back).  The banner below will keep you up to date with my money there, so in the meanwhile, enjoy your free money!  Merry Christmas!!
Proof of payment from FusionCash- $46.85
Free Money at FusionCash!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Make That Dollar (Payment Proof)


     Good afternoon, everyone, I am here to report on my first official payment of my Making Free Money campaign. This first $1.39 in payment came from MakeThatDollar, a trusted and loved GPT site with lots of good reports. Add me to that list of paid members, because I received this money in my PaypPal account the morning after I requested it.
     MakeThatDollar is a humble GPT site with lots of offers and new daily clicks worth 2 cents each. I didn't even realize I had this money in my account until I logged on out of curiosity. I guarantee you it is easy and simple to reach your $1 minimum, and as you can see by my proof, it was indeed an instant payment. Referral earnings are at 20%, but I didn't have a single referral help me reach my dollar. I only completed one offer to make more than payout, and I didn't spend a single penny.
     What I think you should all know about MakeThatDollar is that everyone who uses it only has good things to say about it. No scams, no late payments. It has its own forum and the admin is on the chat box (which is very useful) almost all day long. I will see how long it takes me to reach my next payout, but until then, enjoy your free money! Here is my payment proof for MakeThatDollar. See ya.

Proof of Payment from MakeThatDollar- $1.39

You can keep an eye on my earnings with this banner.